About Me

I aim to increase your ignorance. I also hope that you leave less close-minded than before. The educator, the scientist, the philosopher, and the explorer all have one thing in common. At the end of a productive day, they leave knowing less than they did before. As we continue to educate ourselves and expand the world of knowledge before us, it is essential that we acknowledge this truth:

To the active mind, 1 answer is 7 more questions.

So no, I don’t aim to exacerbate divisiveness, increase bigotry, or expedite the fall of Rome. I am here to provide an alternative definition for ignorance. I pray you pursue it. Below is a link to a TED talk where you can learn more.

As a young professional, aspiring entrepreneur, and future success story, I cannot wait to share more of my thoughts with you. Expect to be inspired by works of general commentary and prose, poetry, and philosophy. My name is Johnathon, but you can call me Getty.


At each read’s end, what should you expect? A shift in perspective.

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