Define Anthill Moment

So I told him, oftentimes, it seems I find it difficult to feel fully present in a given moment..

“I wish that I could lie down by an anthill for one hour and observe a colony. To watch the workers perform their duties. To lose myself in that moment. To observe the ants and simply be that action of observation. To forget about any past, present, or future encumbrance. To simply enjoy the moment. I could learn about their physical features, habits, communication techniques, and travel routes. But learning about the ants is not my concern, though it’s a spectacular bucket list item. It’s quite a Daoist idea. To become the action, not in a mystical sense, but to become completely present and fully immersed through some involuntary neglect of self. To lose track of time itself. It’s the concept of complete and total surrender to a moment – a peaceful bliss, a perfect epiphany. A buzz on the here and now.”

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